Project Description

Psychiatric Rehabilitation Programs for Adults and Minors

Psychiatric RehabilitationPsychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP) provides added support to our clients while they undergo psychotherapy, group therapy or behavioral therapy. We motivate and support our clients so they can successfully reintegrate back into their communities. We help our clients meet their full potentials by giving them valuable systems that are based on communal activities of everyday living. In turn, they are able to meet and fulfill their dreams that may not have been attainable without rehabilitative services or behavioral modification. We hope to become the front-runners of psychiatric rehabilitative services and act as a bridge between our clients and other providers where they receive services.

Our PRP services include:

  • Rehabilitation Readiness
  • Basic Rehabilitation
  • Enrichment / Support
  • Case Management
  • Behavior Modification
  • Peer Groups/ Activities
  • Crisis Interventions (as needed)
  • Maximizing the community Integration process

How do we accomplish these services?

  • Individualized Rehabilitation Plans
  • Promotion of Medication Management
  • Social Skills/Leisure/Academics
  • Communications/Newsletter/Writing/Poetry
  • Recreational Trips/Dinners/Growth Class
  • Daily Living Skills
  • Recovery and Legal Assistance
  • Vocational and Educational Assistance, choosing work that best matches their interests and abilities
  • Resume assistance,
  • Preparation and practice for interviews
  • Keep the job by coaching on the job site and providing other support as needed

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