About Us

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ATOSK Healthcare Services, Inc. was originally located in Parkville for about four years (starting on July 28, 2005) where we earned a Best of Parkville award for In-Home Health Services. Shortly thereafter, having expanded and improved our practice, we relocated to the Towson area on June 11, 2009. 


ATOSK’s vision is to set the standard for quality skilled nursing and psychiatric rehabilitation services for minor and adult populations in our community, hospitals and nursing home facilities. 


Our mission is to provide person-centered services to individuals and families in their respective homes and nursing facilities, supporting them on their journey to mental and physical health. This includes helping them understand what factors have contributed to their illness, accurately assessing and managing their current challenges, and bringing them to a higher level of functioning that wouldn't have been possible without strong support and the knowledge of professional staff.

CORE VALUES: Integrity, honesty, mutual respect and fair dealings.


Our Executive Team

  • Frederick Oladeinde, M.S., Ph.D., F.C.A.M. (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Douglas McClain, MSW, LMSW (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist/Program Director)
  • Shannon Gillespie, MS, CPRP, CFRP (Psychiatric Rehabilitation Specialist)
  • Cathy Craig, A.A (Family Services Coordinator Lead)
  • Jonie Otchere, M.S (Family Services Coordinator)
  • Sharon Frangiskakis, B.A (Office Manager)
  • Towanda Robinson (Administrative Assistant)